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The Low Down for Bachelor Brad’s 30 Chances at Love …

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Based on their names – here’s what Brad Womack’s 30 Bachelorettes will be like ..
Most fun- Keltie, Lacey, Melissa, Meghan, Britnee & Jill
Most fickle Marissa & Melissa
Most likely to be there ’cause they want to marry for money – Lindsay, Keltie, Chantal, Britt, Britnee, Lauren, Melissa, Christy & Jackie
Most likely to be a drama queen – Stacey, Raichel, Marissa, Michelle, Rebecca & Shawntel
Most likely to push Brad around til they get what they want – Madison, Meghan, Michelle, Renee, J, Sarah L & Sarah P
Most easy going – Alli, Ashley H, Ashley S, Emily, Lisa P & Lisa M
Best match for Brad? Ashley H – she’ll be good looking, fun loving, creative, and easy going .. she’ll also have daddy issues .. but that will totally play into Brad’s favor because he’s 11 years older than her!!

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Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo – Will they last??

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Nick went from one drama queen to another. Nicks are nice, friendly, accommodating people. A Vanessa is all about herself. They’re high maintenance, good looking, dramatic & need to be admired and appreciated – all of the time. As long as Nick keeps her in spa treatments and Manolo Blahnik shoes, she’ll be happy, but if they ever have money problems – Vanessa will give Nick a quick history lesson – and be in his past.

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Kate and William .. is he a Toad – or did she really find her Prince??

Monday, December 20th, 2010

The good news is I don’t see an expiration date on their marriage to-be but,
a Kate is a no-non sense, “take charge”, “gets what she wants” type person. A Will is witty, has a pleasant demeanor and sees the “big picture”. A Will has grand, big ideas, but isn’t great with details. Kate has follow through so these two are compatible on that level. But a Kate needs things done her way – so she’ll master the art of charming Will into doing things her way. Ultimately this isn’t going to work for a William – because he’ll get tired of always compromising. I think he’ll act out just to show Kate that he’s not a push-over and I see Kate ultimately being a frustrated princess.

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Katy & Russell’s Marriage – One Hot Mess

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Russell Brand & Katy Perry married saturday in India – but unless they remain in different cities for their entire marriage – I just don’t see these two lasting very long. They are both fun loving and unconventional – that’s why they’re so attracted to each other – but a Katy needs to have things done her way and a Russell HATES to be told what to do – This marriage will turn into Katy needing to be responsible (which is not her nature) & being the “mother” scolding her “bad boy” & Russell defying his “mother” and showing her that no one is the “boss of him”. This marriage is gonna be one hot mess.

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GMA’s Bianna Gets Anchored With Fiance Peter …

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Based on their names – New Good Morning America Weekend Anchor Bianna Golodryga & O’bama’s Budget Director Peter Orszag make a really good couple! She craves love & LOVES to talk (perfect for a morning show!!) She’s creative & puts herself together well – Peter LOVES this about her. Bianna loves that Peter’s a risk taker, friendly, generous & that he gets opportunities, talents or 2nd chances handed to him – so they’ll have a charmed life. On the downside – Bianna is REALLY observant so she’s not going to let Peter get away with anything – this is going to keep Peter on his toes .. AND .. they can both be REALLY stubborn – but Peter’s personality and Bianna’s love for him will smooth out any problems caused by their stubborn ways .. Good Luck with GMA & your marriage!!!

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Orlando Bloom Casts Miranda Kerr as leading Fiance

Monday, June 21st, 2010

It’s official! ET confirm that actor Orlando Bloom and supermodel Miranda Kerr are engaged to be married. So if Hollywood were casting for a Happily Married couple – would these two get the leads?? Well, based on their names, Orlando really wants to be in a relationship, he LOVES to talk, he’s a total story teller & will talk with anyone – Miranda is amused by this. He shares Miranda’s ambition. He’s much funnier than she is, but Miranda’s more reliable than he is. He’s going to be stubborn, she’s going to be always trying to please him – so I’d say – give them the roles & give Orlando the Einstein Award for being smart enough to find someone who’s adorable and can actually put up with his antics!!

Should Someone Have Crashed Vince & Kyla Vauhgn’s Wedding??

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

A Vince Vaughn & A Kyla – hmmm based on their names – will this work?? Well they both like to party, he likes to look good – image is very important to him – so he’s hoping she’ll take care of all the details @ home & create the appearance that everything is perfect in their life. She likes to be admired – so as long as she ignores his indiscretions & he tells her how much he admires & appreciates her – it will work out fine ..
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Did Chelsea Clinton Pick A Keeper??

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Marc Mezvinsky bit the big one by proposing to Chelsea Victoria Clinton –
so based on their names – is he a keeper??

Based on her name, Chelsea is fun loving, talkative and game for anything.
She has a wit, a good work ethic and can have a temper when things don’t
go her way. Marc is great at memorization; which will come in handy when
wheeling & dealing on Wall Street. Chelsea has a great imagination and a
knack for telling stories. They both have the type of personality where their
minds are always going. Chelsea’s middle name makes her flirtatious,
additionally fun and she gets along great with guys – she knows how to
“talk their talk” & many women are jealous of her because of this trait.
This couple works well together & has fun together.

Based on their last names, Chelsea needs to have money and a comfortable
lifestyle to be content. She’s independent and wants to be admired and
respected for her contributions in the work place and at home. Marc’s last
name makes him independent, bold, friendly and a party hound. He prefers
to know more about others’ business and is slow to reveal information about
himself. His opinion is very important to him, he will not back down from his
beliefs, so Chelsea needs to understand this about him to avoid conflicts.
Otherwise, Marc is a nice, easy going guy who has a real long fuse before
he goes ballistic. (which is not very often). Neither of them has the innate
need to control their partner, so they’ll be great at compromising and they’ll
be equal partners in the decision making process.

So, Should Chelsea Clinton change her name to Chelsea Mezvinsky?
No – one bold, over the top partier who always needs to be right is enough
for one household:)

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Should Nate Be In His Best Friend’s Wedding??

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

My name is Nate. My best friend Travis is engaged to a Kristi. They’re always fighting, but just when Travis finishes telling me about their problems – they get back together. What do you think – should I plan the bachelor party or do you think they’ll break up for good before I have to rent the tux?
Hey Nate – love you Nate people – I have this theory that if you have a friend named “Nate” they’re kind of like God’s token way of apologizing to you for giving you messed up relatives. So I’m glad Travis has a nice friend, such as yourself. As for the wedding – whether you like it or not, Travis loves Kristi. He loves how she’s creative, unpredictable, dramatic, and he’s addicted to the roller coaster ride of her affections and aloofness. They play off each other’s needs. He needs to be the Knight in Shining Armor and she needs to be rescued. So if I were you, I’d start working on my Toast – hey & send me a photo of you in your tux – I bet you’ll look Handsome! If you want to know more about your name or have a dilemma with a friend you need answered log onto!!