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Who Got Kicked Off The Bachelor Brad – Episode 1 ???

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Well Brad did pretty well for himself last night on episode 1 of The Bachelor .. take two!! He got rid of four women who would have driven him crazy by pushing him around – J, Lauren, Renee & Sarah L. He got rid of a couple gold diggers – Britnee & Cristy. He dumped a couple of girls who’d be emotionally needy – Rebecca & Lisa P but he also got rid of a funster – Jill and a free-spirit Lacey – who would have added some memorable soundbites in the upcoming episodes.
The 20 who survived the 1st cocktail party & get to move into the Mansion are:
Ashley S, Michelle, Kimberly, Madison, Emily, Raichel, Keltie, Ashley H., Meghan, Lisa M., Lindsay, Alli, Sarah P., Marissa, Britt, Stacey, Shawntel M., Jackie, Melissa, and Chantel O. – the girl who slapped him!

Which tells me .. Brad’s attracted to good looking women and he’s still open to the opportunity of settling down with a drama queen, a money monger, a bitch, a scatterbrain or a normal girl – can’t wait to see which one he picks!!!

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