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The Low Down for Bachelor Brad’s 30 Chances at Love …

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Based on their names – here’s what Brad Womack’s 30 Bachelorettes will be like ..
Most fun- Keltie, Lacey, Melissa, Meghan, Britnee & Jill
Most fickle Marissa & Melissa
Most likely to be there ’cause they want to marry for money – Lindsay, Keltie, Chantal, Britt, Britnee, Lauren, Melissa, Christy & Jackie
Most likely to be a drama queen – Stacey, Raichel, Marissa, Michelle, Rebecca & Shawntel
Most likely to push Brad around til they get what they want – Madison, Meghan, Michelle, Renee, J, Sarah L & Sarah P
Most easy going – Alli, Ashley H, Ashley S, Emily, Lisa P & Lisa M
Best match for Brad? Ashley H – she’ll be good looking, fun loving, creative, and easy going .. she’ll also have daddy issues .. but that will totally play into Brad’s favor because he’s 11 years older than her!!

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