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Flynn Kerr-Bloom – hmmm … sounds like a bomb exploding!!!

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Model Miranda Kerr and husband actor Orlando Bloom named their new son “Flynn”. So what is a Flynn going to be like?? Well the name “Flynn Kerr- Bloom” sounds like a bomb exploding .. coincidence?? I don’t think so! This kid is going to be one feisty, live wire. Full of energy, creativity and a zeal for fun! His parents will love his sense of humor but they won’t be too thrilled with his independence .. this boy has a mind of his own and won’t listen to a thing his parents tell him. So Miranda & Orlando – don’t be surprised that your little party animal has lots of friends, and a great imagination – which will come in handy when he needs an excuse for when you catch him trying to put a hot tub in his tree house or when he has a 100 person house party, the 1st time you go out for date night! So in conclusion .. enjoy the time between now and when he learns to walk & open doors – ’cause this kid is gonna want to explore the world and create an adventure for himself!

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Orlando Bloom Casts Miranda Kerr as leading Fiance

Monday, June 21st, 2010

It’s official! ET confirm that actor Orlando Bloom and supermodel Miranda Kerr are engaged to be married. So if Hollywood were casting for a Happily Married couple – would these two get the leads?? Well, based on their names, Orlando really wants to be in a relationship, he LOVES to talk, he’s a total story teller & will talk with anyone – Miranda is amused by this. He shares Miranda’s ambition. He’s much funnier than she is, but Miranda’s more reliable than he is. He’s going to be stubborn, she’s going to be always trying to please him – so I’d say – give them the roles & give Orlando the Einstein Award for being smart enough to find someone who’s adorable and can actually put up with his antics!!