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Double Or Nothing – Twin Names Defined

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Hello, last year my wife and I had twin boys (Garrett and Gavin) and you told us what they would be like and you were right on. Well, we just had a set of twin girls in April and I wanted to know if you could do the same for them? Their names are Adly and Avery. I was also wondering if you could tell me how you think my wife and I (our names are Adam and Carly) will get along with each other having all four. Thanks so much, Adam
Hey Adam – Having 1 kid makes you a Parent, having 2 kids makes you a Referee – but 2 sets of twins – now THAT makes you the Producers, Writers & Studio Audience to your very home Home Edition of “Survivor”. Based on your names – good thing you two have a strong dose of a sense of humor .. you’re going to need it. You Adam are going to throw yourself into your work – for 2 reasons- First because you’ll need the $ PLUS even if you work in the NY Stock Exchange Money Pit – your work place will be quieter than home. As for Adly – she’s going to be your daring, creative, fun loving, free spirit – you’re going to want to put an alarm on her window – just so you’ll know when she’s sneaking out after curfew to meet up with friends. Avery is going to be so capable, supportive, full of love and good looking. She’ll have so many talents & abilities but she won’t believe in herself – so she’s really going to need your encouragement to go after what she wants. She’s so capable but stifles her accomplishments by putting other’s interests’ first. Don’t let her do that – she has way too much to contribute in life for her to not pursue her dreams. Carly’s fun, like Adly. She’s going to get completely stressed out, so make sure she has a relief team set up so she can get her sleep. THEN you have to make sure Carly’s life is still full of fun. If you take fun away from a Carly – she’d be like a canoe without a paddle, a light bulb without a lamp – a narcissist without a mirror, a therapist with no “mother issues”, a fish out of water – you get the idea – Carlys need fun, laughter and friendships in their lives in order to feel alive. So as long as Carly still has a social life – and her sleep – she’ll be a happy camper. Good Luck with your Adorable family! Kerri
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