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Mary Kate Dumps Nate???

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Mary Kate Olsen supposedly dumped her boyfriend of 2 yrs Nate Lowman. Based on their names Mary Kate & Nate are a match, he’s easy going, friendly, witty, will be there when she needs him – Mary Kate probably doesn’t like that his friends are really important to him & he’s there for THEM when they need him too. But overall he will let her have things done her way & that’s what she needs in a partner. If she doesn’t get back with Nate – she is compatible with rumored squeeze Josh Hartnett because he has a fun sense of humor & will let her run everything – he will be stubborn though, then there are the Chace Crawford rumors .. if she goes for him – they’ll butt heads – because they’re both way too head strong to be in a mutual relationship.
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