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What Will a Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky Be Like???

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Chelsea Clinton twitter pix

Chelsea Clinton twitter pix

Does Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky have the political chops to one day be Madame President Chuck? Behavioral Economist Kerrin Hopkins thinks so! But before Charlotte rules the free world, she’ll get a lot of practice ruling her parents & friends! Based on her name, she’ll have her parents & grandparents and any one else within ear shot, wrapped around her finger & doing what she wants in NO time! So mom & dad Chelea & Marc – congratulations! You’ve just given birth to a sassy, feisty, “does as she pleases,” “take no prisoners” little bugger, who’ll have Mom’s sense of humor, both of her parents’ determination & Dad’s assertiveness. Oh – and Mom & Dad – keep your day jobs – Charlotte is going to be expensive to raise because a “Clinton” likes nice things and a “Mezvinsky” needs money to party, to look good & to afford to go, wherever she feels like!

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Maxwell Drew Johnson will be on TV in no time – if she has her way!!!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Jessica Simpson finally gave birth & to everyone’s surprise – she didn’t deliver a Mini-Cooper. The new mom & fiancé Eric Johnson happily announced their daughter’s full name as Maxwell Drew Johnson, “Maxi” for short.

Kathy Griffin is saying what all the rest of us are thinking – “the nickname sounds like a feminine napkin” .. oh well – Steve Job’s “iPad” didn’t sound too great either .. but it became a huge success!

While Maxwell is a popular boys moniker – placing within the top 153 most popular names for the past 12 years – Maxine – the closest sounding female name on the Social security list of most popular names – reached it’s highest popularity in 1921 when it was the 76th most popular girls name. It has since dropped off the list of top 1000 names in 1996 when it was ranked the 984th most popular name given to American baby girls.

So – what is a Maxwell “Maxi” Drew Johnson going to be like when she grows up? According to the Onomalogic studies of Maxi will drive her parents nuts. Maxwell will be bold, ballsy and no non -sense. She’ll “tell it like it is” but she will have a sense of humor about it – unless she goes by “Maxi” – in which case she’ll just be bold & in search of the spot light so she can be the center of attention every where she goes. Maxwell is going to be born knowing what she wants & she won’t give up asking, crying, begging etc until her parents give her exactly what she’s looking for. Good thing her parents are rich.

Maxi will be is a free spirit like her mother, smart like her father and usually be “game for anything.” She’ll share her mother’s dramatic flair and Jessica’s knack for creating stress in her life by taking on too many projects at once – overall a fun kid who wants to make an impact on this world – and her parents won’t get any sleep until they marry her off!

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New Baby Bateman!! Jason & Amanda have a little sapling .. “Maple”

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Jason Bateman’s new baby girl “Maple” will be funny, assertive & luck will just drop in her lap – goofy name but she’s gonna have a good life!!

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Can a Vince Vaughn & Wife Kyla afford their new baby daughter Locklyn Kyla Vaughn??

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Good thing Dad knows how to pick blockbuster movies to star in ‘cause – wow his new “Locklyn” is gonna be a shopper!! A Locklyn will just LOVE that dad has disposable income!! Vince will soon see that Locklyn’s shopping habits will be like a second mortgage. She’s going to be a “talker”, she’ll be stubborn and she’ll have Dad’s sense of humor. Her middle name will make her just like her mom – a great “fun buddy” but she will be selective as to whom she parties with- she really likes hanging with the cool kids. She’ll share mom’s love for quality, expensive taste & will have a flair for fashion; putting herself together well and she’ll be creative about it! The best news of all is that, because of her name – opportunities will just fall in her lap – she’s going to have a great knack for being in the right place at the right time! Great name choice mom & dad :)

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Montel Williams M.I.A. Dad

Monday, January 18th, 2010

The Post reported that Montel Williams is a missing in action dad to 2 of his kids- and they’re mad that he has the image of being a nice guy. He invites his son to events but completely ignores his daughter. Here’s my take on their names – Montel Jr has personality like his dad – he keeps getting invited to do things with his dad because he’s a funster & a pleasure to be with. I feel so badly for Wyntergrace – based on her name she’s completely adorable and fun and smart .. Montel sr is really missing out on not knowing a great person ..
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Did Chelsea Clinton Pick A Keeper??

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Marc Mezvinsky bit the big one by proposing to Chelsea Victoria Clinton –
so based on their names – is he a keeper??

Based on her name, Chelsea is fun loving, talkative and game for anything.
She has a wit, a good work ethic and can have a temper when things don’t
go her way. Marc is great at memorization; which will come in handy when
wheeling & dealing on Wall Street. Chelsea has a great imagination and a
knack for telling stories. They both have the type of personality where their
minds are always going. Chelsea’s middle name makes her flirtatious,
additionally fun and she gets along great with guys – she knows how to
“talk their talk” & many women are jealous of her because of this trait.
This couple works well together & has fun together.

Based on their last names, Chelsea needs to have money and a comfortable
lifestyle to be content. She’s independent and wants to be admired and
respected for her contributions in the work place and at home. Marc’s last
name makes him independent, bold, friendly and a party hound. He prefers
to know more about others’ business and is slow to reveal information about
himself. His opinion is very important to him, he will not back down from his
beliefs, so Chelsea needs to understand this about him to avoid conflicts.
Otherwise, Marc is a nice, easy going guy who has a real long fuse before
he goes ballistic. (which is not very often). Neither of them has the innate
need to control their partner, so they’ll be great at compromising and they’ll
be equal partners in the decision making process.

So, Should Chelsea Clinton change her name to Chelsea Mezvinsky?
No – one bold, over the top partier who always needs to be right is enough
for one household:)

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Is Charlotte Grace Home Yet???

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Charlotte Grace will be a completely feisty, energetic, ball of energy. She’ll have a mind of her own and she won’t listen to a word her parents tell her. Charlotte knows what she wants & goes after it ’til she gets it. Charlotte will not back down from her beliefs or opinions and she’ll LOVE being the center of attention. Her parents should invest in a large supply of high octane coffee, as they will often be staying up late, waiting for their flirtatious, funster daughter to come home sometime after curfew and before she leaves for college. Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr will have a LOT of fun with their daughter – as she’ll have TONS of personality and she’ll make her parents laugh – but look out for Charlotte’s flying hair brushes & screeching monologues – if they ever try to tell her what to do!
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What Career Should Stella Luna Go For??

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Send in the casting director – given Stella Luna’s name – there’s going to be another actor in the Ellen Pompeo/Chris Ivery Home! Stella will be dramatic, fun loving, risk taking, fickle & will LOVE being the center of attention. She’ll be creative, observant and have an innate need to feel important. Interestingly, Stella Luna will be self reliant and willing to earn her way in the world, instead of relying on opportunities to be given to her.

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