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Update on Survivor Nicaragua

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Loved the premiere! The cast members were just as I predicted – Wendy Jo talked too much – that’s why she got kicked off! Jimmy J, Brenda etc. were not big on contributing effort, both of them were targeted to be kicked off, Brenda was to be kicked off if the La Flor team went to counsel. It was between Jimmy J & Wendy Jo – and Wendy got the boot – or I mean – she was” torched” – and her flame was extinguished. The names I said were fun & would be 1st to start a dance line – actually danced their way into their 1st challenge .. this has never been seen before on a Survivor episode!! Stay tuned when more of my predictions unfold :)

Survivor Nicaragua – Spoiler Alert – Who’ll Win the $1,000,000???

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Premieres Sept 15th, 2010 & CBS has done it again. They regurgitated their successful Reality TV Show Formula that combines Studs, Thugs & Drama Queens and exiles them to a secluded location to battle it out using brains, brawn and “Barely There” bathing suits in pursuit of a $1,000,000 prize.
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to watch & listen to Kerri’s analysis!!

Based on their names, and the research of Kerri Hopkins; Creator of – which of these 20 Cast Members of Survivor will be the Most Competitive, Most Annoying, Most High Maintenance, Best Looking, Friendliest & Funniest???

Well – for starters – here are the names of the survivors we’ll be watching:
Alina, Benry, Brenda Chase, Dan, Holly, Jane, Jill, Jimmy J, Jimmy T, Jud, Kelly B, Kelly S, Marty, Na ‘Onka, Sash, Shannon, Tyrone, Wendy Jo & Yve

• Chase, Jud, Alina, Jill, Sash, Yve & Tyrone will want the hut that has mirrors, laser hair removal and spray tan machines. Based on their names, these 7 love to look good & will most likely win The “Eye Candy Award” – they’ll be the Hottest Inhabitants of the island.

• While I won’t say they’ll be lazy – I will say that Brenda, Jimmy J, Na’Onka and Wendy Jo will be selectively active.

• In between looking for the Hidden Idol, I’m sure Kelly S, Kelly B, Holly, Marty, Yve, Jud & Dan will be most likely to start a Salsa Line Dance or find a Volcano Party Lounge. If one exists, I’m betting on one of these people to find it first – they just love a good time.

• Don’t trust Shannon, Alina, Dan, Jill, Tyrone, Sash or either of the Jimmys as far as you can throw them – they’re there to win. They’ll talk out of both sides of their mouth & think quick on their feet. Their use and exploitation of networks, allegiances & alliances will be so shrewd, so strategic and so convoluted that everyone of them – will test positive for B.S.

• Yve, Wendy Jo & Dan will keep things interesting on the island because their commentary will be funny – they’re not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking.

 It’s like they have “gossip dyslexia” – they tend to gossip in FRONT of other people’s backs.

• Brenda, Ben, Jane, Jud will be particularly secretive & observant. They’ll know everything about everyone else, but people will know little about them. They’ll be clever when coercing people into doing things their way by making people feel obligated to them. They could be travel agents for “guilt trips”.

If you want to know more about YOUR NAME or to find out how Competitive you’d be or how good of a Roomie you’d be on a reality show .. go to!