Miles Austin – vs – Reggie Bush – who would be Kim K’s MVP boyfriend???

Does Kim Kardashian even know what’s good for her?? She dumps a Reggie – drop kicks soccer star Cristiano Rinaldo & is now playing ball with a Miles Austin. Who will make her happy????

A Reggie’s nature is to be friendly and accommodating. He shares Kim’s expensive taste and he’s always trying to look for recognition for his contributions. The more Kim withheld her appreciation for anything he did for her, he’d get confused and would do even MORE for her. A Reggie has a lot of love to give his partner, but he’s slow to give his heart and can be stubborn.

A Miles Austin is funny. He’s a risk taker, he’s independent & LOVES being the center of attention. Not sure who’ll get the mirror in this relationship, or who’d get more face time on a reality show – but they’d be fun to watch. His last name says he’ll ALSO hate to be vulnerable. He’ll be slow to give his heart & this will drive Kim nuts. But she WILL love that he’ll always be game to show his affection in public, because this will create photo ops .. and like I said .. this guy loves the attention.

Between these two – Reggie would have been more sincere, Miles will be more fun. He’ll be strong willed & won’t let Kim tell him what to do, but these two would get higher ratings than a Kim & Reggie, if they ever get their own reality show:)

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2 Responses to “Miles Austin – vs – Reggie Bush – who would be Kim K’s MVP boyfriend???”

  1. Jada says:

    Even though you may be right about personalites, how would you know? FYI kim said on KK take miami that she and reggie broke up becasue he didnt like a the plublicity. so what does that have to do with him spending more on her and her not apreciating it? i’ll tell you one thing though, reggie better not start dating jessie james. i loved kim and reggie he’s so down to earth and not about celebrity and she is so they were perfect for each other:(

  2. Kerri says:

    Hey Jada- great name btw – I’m sure you’re good looking & confident – Anyway just saying pretty much what you’re saying – Reggie’s a good guy, he’ll dote on Kim, Miles Austin will dote on himself – he will be fun to be around tho – so I’m sure Kim’s having fun:)

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