Courteney Cox & David Arquette in “Split Town”

Based on their names – a Courteney is a fun loving, creative free spirit who hates to be told what to do – a David prides himself on being an individual, but the “Arquette” part of his name makes him zany, unconventional and needing to always be the center of attention – I’m sure Courteney got tired of playing his mother, not his wife – I think Courteney just wants to be able to be fun loving and less responsible again … like a Courteney should be:)

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  2. What a terrible situation. I hope that they can resolve this fast and stop more destruction :(

  3. Barbar Luis says:

    What was David Arquette assessment as soon as he blurted out that he had a fling with a barmaid. His partner may have said they are in an open liaison but he was not supposed to act on it.

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