Are A Taylor Swift & A Jake Gyllenhaal a good Match or a bad country song???

Well a person named Taylor is usually good looking and friendly. A Taylor loves to be surrounded by people & to feel a sense of belonging. She scores low on the tantrum scale, and would rather be the peace maker or the one to calm a tense situation. She’s kind and makes a good friend.

Good thing she has money because a person named Jake is “tight with the buck”. He probably still has his tooth fairy money. Jakes hate to spend their own money. A person named Jake is funny, cocky and likes to procrastinate. No one’s going to control a Jake, he has a mind of his own. He’s an independent thinker and he makes his life an adventure. Jake always has his eyes open for any opportunities that will improve his lifestyle. He loves mischief and is great at talking his way out of most trouble he gets himself into.

So Jake loves that Taylor is adorable and not bossy. She loves that Jake is fun loving and there’s never a dull moment when she’s with him. So I don’t see her writing a “Get your tongue outta my mouth – cause I’m kissing you goodbye” type song about him anytime soon. But I do think she’ll eventually tire of his “me first” attitude and that he’s slow to commit.

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  1. Taylor is my favorite singer. She is so gorgous and her singing is fantastic. lol

  2. Kerri says:

    Who can’t love a Taylor Swift :)

  3. Great blog! A pleasure to read.

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