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How Mr. Right Would Plan Your Valentine’s Date

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Research shows that the average woman goes out with 24 Mr. Wrongs before she finds Mr. Right. Which got me thinking: how would a Mr. Right plan a Valentine’s Day date versus how a Mr. Wrong would plan such a date? This is how I think it would go down. Keep in mind guys: any one of these suggestions would thrill us – so don’t feel the pressure to do all 7!
Mr. Wrong would say he “was running late, but thought about buying you flowers, and really, it’s the thought that counts, right?”
Mr. Right would create a tailored made bouquet made of flowers which have meaning. For example the blue ones remind him of your blue eyes, the yellow ones remind him of the shape up your lips when you’re sleeping, the red ones remind him of his favorite dress that you wear .. then he includes a card describing each unique meaning.
Mr Wrong might let you share his snickers bar.
Mr. Right would hand pick gourmet chocolates and send them to your office for you and your female co-workers to enjoy.
Mr. Wrong would text or facebook you to ask you out for the date.
Mr. Right would create a customized invitation on Evite to invite you to an exclusive evening with him.
Mr. Wrong would wear something with holes in it or something that doesn’t match.
Mr. Right would wear the outfit you always says how great he looks in it. He also gets your haircut and tries a new cologne!
Mr. Wrong has no clue what to tell you to wear – because he has no clue where he’s taking you.
Mr. Right would send you a gift card to your favorite shop so you can pick out something sexy or fun to wear.
Mr. Wrong emails you that you really should invest in some Blistex, because NYC ‘s cold winter is messing with your lips.
Mr. Right’s Evite has the location, appointment time & paid receipt confirmation # for a manicure, pedicure & facial at the day spa you’ve been dying to try out.
Mr. Wrong tells you to meet him at his workplace.
Mr. Right already reserved his Limo , he’s sprinkled rose petals on the seat, has romantic music like Marvin Gaye or Michael Buble playing and is picking you up at 8:00.
Mr. Wrong hopes he can find a restaurant that can seat you somewhere.
Mr. Right went to OpenTable and made reservations based on your tastes. He’s surprising you with reservations at multiple destinations – one for appetizers and drinks, one for the main meal, and one for dessert – oh and he’s going to order dessert despite her objections!
Mr. Wrong wants to end the night and go back to your place. You could go to his place, but he doesn’t want to wake up his mother .. Oh – and he asks you to split the cab fare.
Mr. Right knows that dinner doesn’t end with the after dinner mints! He wants to amp up the night so he searched for a stylish, upscale hotel lounge with live jazz or an eclectic club where you can dance the night away.
Mr. Wrong borrowed your toothbrush and wants to watch Sportscenter for the rest of the night.
Mr. Right either asks the concierge at the hotel where he reserved a hotel room for the night or he has his cupid chauffeur stock the room/limo with special treats, champagne and strawberries, candlelight/or soft lighting and your favorite tunes… because he knows this is the perfect recipe for a night to remember!
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Is Delta Goodhem going “Solo” .. leaving fiance Brian McFadden to find a new duet???

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Based on her name – Delta is fun! I’m sure she makes him laugh, he loves that she’s good looking, puts herself together well, cares about her appearance – she cares about his appearance too – so don’t know if she liked his recent hair cut .. As for a Brian – they were parent pleasers growing up, have a bunch of different talents, even at a young age, but he’s push/pull with his emotions, he’s very hard on himself – his own worst critic, sometimes Delta will feel total love & support from him, then an instant later he can be be distant and disinterested .. his cocky attitude will keep her coming around for a while, but with her success, she’s not going to put up with that long term. His last name makes him daring – so I’m sure he’ll be doing some bone head things that will tick her off – like when Russell Brand took a bad photo of Katy Perry and posted it to twitter .. Brian will do something similar – acts that are not funny and not thought through (that’s his last name) and she’ll be stubborn (that’s her last name). So if people tell her Brian isn’t good for her – she’ll get all stubborn and marry him anyway to prove everyone is wrong. But if everyone stays quiet & lets her figure it out for herself, she’ll start fighting more and more with him and they’ll eventually break up on their own. Her success is killing him. He wants to be more successful than her – some guys can take the wife being more successful – a Brian can’t and his last name is what makes him “act out” when he’s frustrated. With his acting out – he’ll be doing bonehead things in no time .. but like I said – she has a sense of humor – so initially his goofy or bonehead things don’t bother her – she’s amused – but they will bother her soon enough. I’m shocked they’ve been together since 2004 and she hasn’t dumped him yet – but I did notice they were supposed to get married in December and didn’t. Hmmm ..

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Has Halle Berry Finally Found True Love With Olivier Martinez ???

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Based on their names – I don’t think Oliver’s Mr. Right – but I do think he’s Mr. Close. A Halle has a money-happiness link. So she needs to be surrounded by all the comforts in life. As long as Olivier has successfully invested the monies from his 20 year movie career – Halle will be a happy camper and put up with Olivier’s stubbornness, boldness and his need to always be surrounded by people and activity.

Olivier will love that Halle is fun loving and that she has tons of love to share. They both crave approval and acceptance from others – to feel good about themselves. Olivier is more difficult to deal with – he speaks and acts with convictions and will defend himself to the bitter end – just to be right. Halle is more compromising and accommodating. Halle’s middle name is “Maria”; and while Marias are capable, take charge people; for some odd reason they end up with partners they can’t control – and no one’s controlling an Olivier!

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Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo – Will they last??

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Nick went from one drama queen to another. Nicks are nice, friendly, accommodating people. A Vanessa is all about herself. They’re high maintenance, good looking, dramatic & need to be admired and appreciated – all of the time. As long as Nick keeps her in spa treatments and Manolo Blahnik shoes, she’ll be happy, but if they ever have money problems – Vanessa will give Nick a quick history lesson – and be in his past.

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Jessica Simpson & fiance Eric Johnson – Show Me The Money $$$

Monday, December 20th, 2010

If a happy marriage were compared to food – then Jessica & Eric’s marriage will be Minute Rice. Eric will be unconventional, unpredictable, creative and moody. He’s out to prove himself, on his terms and will not be told what to do. A Jessica is dramatic and all about herself. As long as he praises her, and let’s her have her way – they’ll get along great, but when she tries bossing him around, the arguments will begin. An Eric is a king of avoidance and hates to be told what to do. His detached attitude will ignite Jessica’s fuse which is attached to emotional dynamite. I expect huge blow ups privately & publicly from this couple – but not until Eric has legally attached himself to Jessica’s fashion line fortune.

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Kate and William .. is he a Toad – or did she really find her Prince??

Monday, December 20th, 2010

The good news is I don’t see an expiration date on their marriage to-be but,
a Kate is a no-non sense, “take charge”, “gets what she wants” type person. A Will is witty, has a pleasant demeanor and sees the “big picture”. A Will has grand, big ideas, but isn’t great with details. Kate has follow through so these two are compatible on that level. But a Kate needs things done her way – so she’ll master the art of charming Will into doing things her way. Ultimately this isn’t going to work for a William – because he’ll get tired of always compromising. I think he’ll act out just to show Kate that he’s not a push-over and I see Kate ultimately being a frustrated princess.

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Katy & Russell’s Marriage – One Hot Mess

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Russell Brand & Katy Perry married saturday in India – but unless they remain in different cities for their entire marriage – I just don’t see these two lasting very long. They are both fun loving and unconventional – that’s why they’re so attracted to each other – but a Katy needs to have things done her way and a Russell HATES to be told what to do – This marriage will turn into Katy needing to be responsible (which is not her nature) & being the “mother” scolding her “bad boy” & Russell defying his “mother” and showing her that no one is the “boss of him”. This marriage is gonna be one hot mess.

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“So Many Men .. So Few Who Can Afford Me” Award

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

My 5th “Altar” Ego Award this week is the “So Many Men .. So Few Who Can Afford Me Award”.. when marrying one .. it doesn’t matter to these people if you’re rich .. only if you’re NOT rich .. and this week’s award goes to .. JASMINE who married a TERRY! All I can say TERRY … It’s a good thing your name makes you generous! I’m sure she was a gorgeous Bride – Vanessas are good looking – but you should have registered at the local spa .. she is going to be one high maintenance wife! I’m sure you’ve already figured this out by now .. but you probably could have bought a CONDO with the money she spent on her wedding gown ..

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GMA’s Bianna Gets Anchored With Fiance Peter …

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Based on their names – New Good Morning America Weekend Anchor Bianna Golodryga & O’bama’s Budget Director Peter Orszag make a really good couple! She craves love & LOVES to talk (perfect for a morning show!!) She’s creative & puts herself together well – Peter LOVES this about her. Bianna loves that Peter’s a risk taker, friendly, generous & that he gets opportunities, talents or 2nd chances handed to him – so they’ll have a charmed life. On the downside – Bianna is REALLY observant so she’s not going to let Peter get away with anything – this is going to keep Peter on his toes .. AND .. they can both be REALLY stubborn – but Peter’s personality and Bianna’s love for him will smooth out any problems caused by their stubborn ways .. Good Luck with GMA & your marriage!!!

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Orlando Bloom Casts Miranda Kerr as leading Fiance

Monday, June 21st, 2010

It’s official! ET confirm that actor Orlando Bloom and supermodel Miranda Kerr are engaged to be married. So if Hollywood were casting for a Happily Married couple – would these two get the leads?? Well, based on their names, Orlando really wants to be in a relationship, he LOVES to talk, he’s a total story teller & will talk with anyone – Miranda is amused by this. He shares Miranda’s ambition. He’s much funnier than she is, but Miranda’s more reliable than he is. He’s going to be stubborn, she’s going to be always trying to please him – so I’d say – give them the roles & give Orlando the Einstein Award for being smart enough to find someone who’s adorable and can actually put up with his antics!!