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Pilot Jake Pavelka needs a new wing man ..

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Hard to believe that Jake & Vienna are over – good thing – they were never really compatible. A Jake needs adventure and hates to be told what to do, a Vienna loves adventure and loves TELLING people what to do .. PLUS she needs to be appreciated & admired all the time .. so does a Jake Pavelka – so it was inevitable that once they stopped getting their attention from the media & had to focus on each their .. they’d go nuts & long for the days of getting attention. So Jake dumped Vienna & landed an acting role on Drop Dead Diva .. I’m sure that’s what Vienna is mumbling these days:)

Orlando Bloom Casts Miranda Kerr as leading Fiance

Monday, June 21st, 2010

It’s official! ET confirm that actor Orlando Bloom and supermodel Miranda Kerr are engaged to be married. So if Hollywood were casting for a Happily Married couple – would these two get the leads?? Well, based on their names, Orlando really wants to be in a relationship, he LOVES to talk, he’s a total story teller & will talk with anyone – Miranda is amused by this. He shares Miranda’s ambition. He’s much funnier than she is, but Miranda’s more reliable than he is. He’s going to be stubborn, she’s going to be always trying to please him – so I’d say – give them the roles & give Orlando the Einstein Award for being smart enough to find someone who’s adorable and can actually put up with his antics!!

Here Comes The Judge …

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Court sources announce County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor will preside over Dr Conrad Murray’s murder case in the death of Michael Jackson.

I like Michael Pastor as the judge choice for Conrad Murray – Based on his name – Michael will be attentive, curious, a risk taker, but even tempered with his remarks & actions. Conrad definitely caught a break with this judicial decision!

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New Tiki Hut For Tiki ….

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Tiki Barber splits with wife of 11 years Ginny – based on their names -they get along on a social level ’cause they’re both fun, but Ginny is observant – so Tiki wasn’t getting away with any indiscretions & she was making the decisions. Ginny is independent – that’s how they lasted this long, she’s also persistent – that’s how she nabbed him after dating 5 years through college & the start of his football career. But Tiki needs to be around action and people to feel alive & I’m sure Ginny got upset that Tiki had a mind of his own and that he jumped at the chance to socialize at any opportunity lto have fun & be among people & opportunities ..

Reggie Bush Gets Hand Caught In A Blonde Cookie Jar ..

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Did Kim Kardashian catch Reggie Bush with his hand in the blonde cookie jar?? Probably- but is January Gessert a better match for a Reggie? January will be fun loving, and have a whole bunch of self worth issues, so while she’ll be capable and assertive, she’ll be a pushover for Reggie’s every whim, she’ll give 110% just because she’s not going to want to lose him .. his ex Kim was a much more independent, out for herself type ..

I Didn’t Know Bubble Wrap Came With Sequins …

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Erin Andrews & Pamela Anderson better beware .. their daring partners named Maksim & Damien are not opposed to trying anything they’ve seen work in a cartoon. My advice to Pam & Erin is that they wear costumes made of bubble wrap until they learn how to land safely from Maksim & Damien’s Looney Tune inspired double twist, cliff hanger, Acme blast, dance moves.
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They’ll Be So Smokin’ Hot – They’ll Need An Ashtray

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

When watching Nicole Scherzinger & partner Derek dance – you’re going to think your cable signal got crossed with the playboy channel. Nicole LOVES fun, LOVES to flirt, LOVES to take chances & throws caution to the wind. Both Derek & Nicole will try anything once so don’t be surprised if there’s a wardrobe malfunction & that we all need a cigarette after watching them perform.
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He’s Going To The Super Bowl Of Dance ..

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

When Chad Ochocinco 1st heard about being on a show called DWTS – this jock was probably thinking – if Dancing With The Stars was really that important – they’d have a bowl game or something. But once he starts practicing his dance moves, this athlete will be a hard worker, competitive and stubborn – so he won’t listen to anyone who tries to tell him he’s not good at what he’s attempting. A Chad is athletic & he’s going to surprise a whole lot of people with his interest & capabilities in his newfound contact sport ..
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Vienna Who???

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

A person named Jake Pavelka LOVES being the center of attention, loves to look good & has opportunities fall at his feet. When being critiqued by the judges, he’ll be funny, pleasant & will charm the judges into minimizing their negative comments. Jake will have a load of fun with a Chelsie – Chelsie’s LIVE to party & so does a Jake. As for his pending marriage .. if Jake has to choose between Vienna & hanging out with Chelsie on a reality show, he’s gonna miss Vienna…
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He Won’t Be Much Of A “Swinger” ..

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Buzz Aldrin will be bold with a slight sense of drama in his approach to dance. His partner Ashly will love that he’s very observant as to what TO do & what NOT to do. When dancing, he’ll crave the audience’s love and acceptance but he won’t be able to refrain from exerting his independence too – so he’ll have a “push-pull” relationship with the audience. I have no doubt Buzz will give it his “all” but i’m guessing his jitterbug will have worse swings than a condemned play ground.
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