Celeb Newz… Written for the …

June 30th, 2012

Celeb Newz… Written for the short attention span gossip lover http://t.co/XI6FOO3u via @sharethis

How do I get Randy to buy a ho…

June 30th, 2012

How do I get Randy to buy a house with me??? http://t.co/NrECM336 via @sharethis

Maxwell Drew Johnson will be on TV in no time – if she has her way!!!

May 3rd, 2012

Jessica Simpson finally gave birth & to everyone’s surprise – she didn’t deliver a Mini-Cooper. The new mom & fiancé Eric Johnson happily announced their daughter’s full name as Maxwell Drew Johnson, “Maxi” for short.

Kathy Griffin is saying what all the rest of us are thinking – “the nickname sounds like a feminine napkin” .. oh well – Steve Job’s “iPad” didn’t sound too great either .. but it became a huge success!

While Maxwell is a popular boys moniker – placing within the top 153 most popular names for the past 12 years – Maxine – the closest sounding female name on the Social security list of most popular names – reached it’s highest popularity in 1921 when it was the 76th most popular girls name. It has since dropped off the list of top 1000 names in 1996 when it was ranked the 984th most popular name given to American baby girls.

So – what is a Maxwell “Maxi” Drew Johnson going to be like when she grows up? According to the Onomalogic studies of Namezook.com Maxi will drive her parents nuts. Maxwell will be bold, ballsy and no non -sense. She’ll “tell it like it is” but she will have a sense of humor about it – unless she goes by “Maxi” – in which case she’ll just be bold & in search of the spot light so she can be the center of attention every where she goes. Maxwell is going to be born knowing what she wants & she won’t give up asking, crying, begging etc until her parents give her exactly what she’s looking for. Good thing her parents are rich.

Maxi will be is a free spirit like her mother, smart like her father and usually be “game for anything.” She’ll share her mother’s dramatic flair and Jessica’s knack for creating stress in her life by taking on too many projects at once – overall a fun kid who wants to make an impact on this world – and her parents won’t get any sleep until they marry her off!

If you want to know what your baby will be like based on their name – log onto Namezook for all the details!

Maxwell Drew Johnson .. She’ll…

May 3rd, 2012

Maxwell Drew Johnson .. She’ll be on TV in no time if she has her way http://t.co/7jgEDJ50 via @examinercom

Casting for a Major Cable Netw…

April 12th, 2012

Casting for a Major Cable Network-anyone out there who’s getting married via arranged marriage or matrimonial website -contact me for show!

Anyone notice that Mike Jeffer…

April 12th, 2012

Anyone notice that Mike Jefferson from Survivor-One World looks like the love child of Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Corolla http://t.co/GEdjvjTj

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April 11th, 2012

Which Guy Is Best For Me??? http://t.co/BS2ZhMNj

Don’t Rent to “The B in Apt 23…

April 11th, 2012

Don’t Rent to “The B in Apt 23″… http://t.co/4CKA1Xm2

Celeb Newz .. Written for th…

April 11th, 2012

Celeb Newz .. Written for the Short Attention Spanned Gossip Lover .. http://t.co/Nqt1q5jA

Who Should I Hire?? Carrie, Va…

April 9th, 2012

Who Should I Hire?? Carrie, Vanessa or Heidi??? http://t.co/Gfng87u5