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Survivor: Redemption Island



February 16, 2011

Survivor, Redemption Island: Full Cast Analysis

It’s Baaaack! CBS has taken its trusty formula of its successful Survivor franchise where they combine Studs, Thugs & Drama Queens, exiles them to a secluded island to battle it out using brains, brawn and “Barely There” bathing suits all in pursuit of claiming a $1,000,000 final prize!

Based on their names, and the research of America’s foremost Onomalogist; Kerrie Hopkins – here’s the breakdown of which Cast Members will be the Most Competitive, Most Annoying, Friendliest & Most fun to watch!!!

First off – let’s meet the cast. The Ometepe Tribe consists of Andrea, Ashley, Francesca, Grant, Kristina, Matt, Natalie & Phillip. The Zapatera Tribe has a much more competitive Tribal name & this team consists of Julie, Krista, David, Mike, Ralph, Sarita, Stephanie & Steve.

They say “opportunity doesn’t knock twice” but apparently “Boston Rob” Marino & villain Russell Hantz have found the doorbell – because these veteran “Surviror” cast members are returning for their 4th & 3rd time respectively – but not sure which tribes they’ll be assigned to.

When watching the Survivor Premier – you’re going to think your cable signal got crossed with “America’s Next Top Model” – CBS out did themselves & stacked the show with a mega good looking cast! So when the cast is all swimming– you’re gonna think you’re looking at a really big bowl of “hotness” soup!

Ashley, Andrea & Rob will be total “talkers”. They will always have SO many words left over after they’ve made their point ..

When fate gives you an Ashley, Grant, Matt (because of his 1st name), Mike, or Stephanie (because of her 1st name) as a tribe mate – it’s like God’s apology for giving you so many other messed up tribal mates. These people are equal opportunity friends.

The Zapatera’s Krista & Sarita may look pretty on the outside but these Drama Divas can be equal opportunity bitches. When they get mad – it will be like arguing with human crazy glue.

Speaking of Drama Diva’s – Better not say anything behind the backs of Ometepe’s Andrea or Francesca or they’ll just jump on their brooms & be up one side of you – down the other in no time!

Grant is going to feel “taken for Granted” – which will frustrate him, but he’s used to not getting credit or recognition for his efforts. Mike doesn’t care if anyone gives him recognition for his word – he’s just going to have fun playing the game and keep his mind in on the goal.

David, Matt (because of his last name) Phillip, Stephanie (because of her last name) Ralph & Sarita will be as pleasant as a migraine when they’re mad at you They can argue more than trial lawyers when someone ticks them off.

Don’t pull the “voted off the island” rip cord just yet for Phillip, Ralph, Krista, or David! Because of their names – they are particularly fortunate in opportunities & on getting “second chances”. So expect these four to get an immunity or an unexpected opportunity sometime during the game.

To err is human, to blame it on somebody else shows management! Ashley, David, Stephanie (because of her last name), Julie, Russell, Sarita & Steve will be excellent at passing the blame to anyone but themselves. .” Not much fazes or deters them. They believe in themselves and don’t listen to their critics.

You’re going to think Julie, David, Steve, Sarita, Russell, Rob and Ralph have found the key to “Confidence Town!” They will be ultra shrewd and confident. They’re going to treat their alliances more like hostages than teammates so the rest of the cast should not trust them as far as they can throw them. They’re there to win. They’ll talk out of both sides of their mouth, they think quick on their feet and if lying were a sport – these people would be on the varsity team.

So who’s going to win?? I predict Mike Chiesl will be adding coin to his bank account come May Sweeps Week! Based on his name he’ll get along with everyone, he won’t complain, he’ll be a worker, an idea person, he’ll make this experience an adventure and if he can stay “under the radar” as a threat to winning the million in the bottom 3 – I believe he has all the traits of a winner:)