Names in the Media

Taylor Swift
A “Taylor Alison Swift” is good looking, friendly and a decent person. She loves to be surrounded by people and wants to feel a sense of belonging. She scores low on the “tantrum scale” – She’d rather be the “peace maker” or the one to calm a tense situation. She’s kind and makes a good friend. Swifty’s entire name (1st, Middle & last) makes her doubly nice. She’s sweet, has a subtle wit and she’s the kind of friend who walks in, when everyone else is walking out. A Taylor Alison Swift – or “Swifty” for short – is a person who’s funny and just LOVES to crack other people up by telling jokes or pulling pranks. Her full name give Taylor a big dose of wit and creativity – and this is what sets her apart from other song writers – her full name gives her heart & sincerity but it also makes her unconventional and unique.

Robert Pattinson
A person named “Robert Pattinson” is capable, hard working, and he needs to be respected and admired. He’s driven by his need to succeed & to achieve more than others. Because of Robert’s full name he really values his camaraderie with his friends; and he is most comfortable when surrounded by his guy friends. Robert typically has a private part of his life that he rarely divulges to anyone. He has many interests, is very resourceful, and loves information. He can talk about many diverse topics and people find his knowledge to be extensive, however when he divulges his vast knowledge, he can be perceived as being pompous.
Robert’s full name gives him access to tons of privileges, abilities and opportunities that the rest of us can only dream of. He’s very fortunate. His name also gives him the need to have his opinions heard. Being an actor is a perfect profession for Robert – he’ll gain all the respect he craves because he’s capable PLUS his celebrity status gives him the forum to express his beliefs and his opinions to a world wide audience.
So while this Robert Pattinson is hot – not ALL Robert Pattinsons are hot – but they are capable, independent and lucky!

Justin Bieber
A person named “Justin Bieber” has all the personality traits of a cocky, confident, self sufficient risk taker who’s out to make a name for himself. He’s a hard worker and his own best promoter. He really wants to be loved and he’s willing to work for it, but for all those girls out there who want a Justin hook up – know going in that this guy is also very independent and slow to let someone close into his heart. So just when you think he’s all into you, he’ll back off & start acting distant and independent again. So – is a Justin Bieber a heartthrob because of his name?? Well he is multi-talented & a charmer because of his name – but I think the real reason he’s a heartthrob is because that was his goal & a Justin Bieber never gives up on his goal.

Chad Ochocinco
Well Chad Ochocinco reality star and wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals is changing his name back to his real name Chad Johnson .. will it help his football career – ABSOLUTELY!! Let’s review – in August of 2008 – Chad Johnson changed his name to “Chad Ochocinco” because he wore the jersey # “85″. So in spanish this translates to “eight-five” and the name change was catchy, got him press, he created a “brand” and got a couple of reality shows Dancing with the Stars & VH1′s The Ultimate Coach:Dating Show. He was SO good at branding that in 2009 he was filmed for a Japanese documentary on the NFL and he even changed the name on his uniform to “hachi go” which is japanese for “8-5″ – adorable right?? Well cute doesn’t translate to excellence on the field. Chad Ochocinco -proceeded to pi** off practically everyone on his team – especially his coach and his stats were off, (although he did manage to get 9 td’s in 2009) Let’s re-cap.. according to FoxSports Chad has had 10,783 receiving yards on 751 receptions with 66 touchdowns since being drafted to the Bengals in 2001. This gave him the Bengals’s franchise records for receiving yards and receptions .. but since the name change – his numbers have sucked in comparison to what he’s capable of .. this year he got 831 yards on 67 receptions and only 4 touchdowns .. you can’t get to the Super Bowl with these numbers!

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