Celebrity Couples

Prince William & Kate Middleton
The good news is that I don’t see an expiration date on their marriage-to-be, but Kate is a no-nonsense, 'take charge', 'gets what she wants' type of person. Will is witty, has a pleasant demeanor and sees the 'big picture'. Will has grand, big ideas, but isn’t great with details. Kate has follow through so these two are compatible on that level. But Kate needs things done her way – so she’ll master the art of charming Will into doing things her way. Ultimately this isn’t going to work for William – because he’ll get tired of always compromising. I think he’ll act out just to show Kate that he’s not a push-over and I see Kate ultimately being a very frustrated princess.

Zac Efron & Taylor Schilling
Zac Efron is rumored to be rebounding with co-star Taylor Schilling. Taylor would be a MUCH better match for a Zac than his ex, Vanessa. Taylor would let him shine for once, Vanessa was all about what can Zac do for her – he probably got tired of always catering to Vanessa’s needs. Taylor’s last name gives her a sense of humor to keep up with Zac and an independence to know when to leave Zac alone long enough so they can actually miss each other ..

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson
If a happy marriage were compared to food, then Jessica & Eric’s marriage will be Minute Rice. Eric will be unconventional, unpredictable, creative, and moody. He’s out to prove himself, on his terms and will not be told what to do. Jessica is dramatic and all about herself. As long as he praises her, and let’s her have her way, they’ll get along great; but when she tries bossing him around, the arguments will begin. Eric is a king of avoidance and hates to be told what to do. His detached attitude will ignite Jessica’s fuse which is attached to emotional dynamite. I expect huge blow ups privately & publicly from this couple, but not until Eric has legally attached himself to Jessica’s fashion line fortune.

Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson
Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson file for divorce Already?? Based on their names, were they really ever compatible? Actually yes. Ryan & Scarlett are compatible! Scarlett is a fun loving, center of attention, 'needs things done her way' type of person; Ryan is a fun, friendly, 'let his partner have things done her way' type of person. The bad part about these two is that they both have an explosive temper, but Ryan has a longer fuse before his temper blows; so I’m guessing their huge arguments were few. Their problems probably arose because of her middle name & his middle & last names. These names make Scarlett exceptionally independent; she’s quick to act without thinking first if she thinks her actions will get attention, and she’s daring when taking chances to make herself feel unique. So Ryan really had no input into what she wanted to do; she just acted & didn't care about his interests. Ryan’s names make him gravitate toward his guy friends; so I'm sure he spent a lot of time hanging out with them instead of being with Scarlett, making her wanting to feel loved. Also his names make him defiant and oblivious to the consequences of his actions. Rumor has it that Ryan cheated on fiancée Alanis Morissette with Scarlett, and he supposedly cheated on Scarlett with Blake Lively. So even though he is a great, easy going, friendly guy; when he 'does as he pleases' without considering the consequences, he’s bound to tick off a fun loving, center-of-attention craving wife.

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