An onomalogical study conducted by Kerrie Hopkins to connect singles based on their compability with each other.


What is Zook-ups?

Zook-ups is a social experiment conducted by Kerrie & The Namezook Team, throughout the U.S., to determine the compatibility of couples based on onomalogical analysis. We are looking for men and women of different ages and from various backgrounds who are ready to meet their significant other. The study would involve matching up people with partners well suited for them, and following up on the dating/relationships.

Am I eligible to participate in Zook-ups?

To take part in the study, you must be single, that is, you must not be married, only legally separated/separated, living with another person, in a relationship, or even constantly dating a specific person. Currently, Zook-ups is restricted to heterosexual men and women. You must be sincerely open for a new relationship, and must consider the experiment with due respect. Apart from that, all you have to do is go on dates with your partner, and later give an honest evaluation of your compatibility to Kerrie/Namezook. You must also be available for Telephone/Internet conversations with Kerrie/Namezook.

How do I request to be part of Zook-ups, if I am eligible?

If you are eligible, please send a request to us using the following procedure. Please download a form using one of the links below, fill in the form with all the relevant details, and email the form and a recent photograph of you (formal or casual) to zookups@namezook.com. If selected, you may have to converse (using webcam) with a Namezook Coordinator even before your first Zook-ups date. But only Kerrie or a Namezook Coordinator personally approved by Kerrie would ever contact you using webcam. This is to ensure that you are really serious about the experiment, and consider finding a compatible partner through Zook-ups as a viable option.

How do I take part in Zook-ups, if I am selected?

If you are selected, you will receive an invitation to a local TV/Radio station event or Namezook event in your city/town. At the event, each Zook-ups participant would be introduced to his/her partner, and he/she could meet and find out more about his/her partner. From then on, it would be entirely upto you and your partner to decide whether or not to proceed further with dating and a possible relationship. All that Namezook would do is check back on you periodically, and request honest opinions and answers about your dating/relationship and your compatibility with your partner. At the event, your meeting with your partner might be photographed/recorded by the TV/Radio Station or Namezook crew, with the consent of you and your partner. The information you provide might be, with sufficient anonymity if necessary, cited on research papers; and the photographs/recordings might be placed on Namezook and/or used in onomalogical documentaries.

How much would Zook-ups cost me?

You don't have to pay any money to Namezook to take part in Zook-ups. Any event expense or media expense, such as that of photographing/video recording, would be borne by the TV/Radio Station or Namezook.

Is Zook-ups exactly similar to a dating service?

No, Zook-ups is a research program. We select the participants and their partners based on onomalogy. Of course, you are free to decline a partner and end dating/relationship with him/her whenever you please. However you would have to complete the evaluation process with Kerrie/Namezook. Please note that the information you provide would be treated with strict confidentiality; so please provide accurate answers to any questions about your date, your compatibility as a couple, or your reasons for rejecting a partner.

Is Kerrie/Namezook looking for any particular kind of character or personality in the participants?

No, we are not looking for any specific kind of character or personality in our participants. We are not looking only for people who would be fun to watch on TV or people who have a lively exciting character, but all kinds of people with different character and personality. So please don't let your serious personality, or shy nature, or anything else prevent you from requesting to take part in Zook-ups.

What if I have sent a request and haven't received any response from Namezook?

Zook-ups is an experimental procedure, and subject to a number of constraints. Therefore, we have to keep the number of participants within certain strict limits. So even if you have applied for Zook-ups and haven't received a response from Namezook, please realize that we are truly grateful for your efforts. We'd be conducting other similar studies in the future, and we look forward to working with you.


To request to participate in Zook-ups, please download the form using the above link, fill in the form, and send it, along with a recent photograph of yours, to zookups@namezook.com. Please note that applications without photographs would not be considered.