I am from New Zealand, and heard you on the radio the other morning….I was amazed at your insight. I ordered a report about my name and my husband's …. He is Jeremy (who only likes to be called Jerry or Jem) and I am Wendy. You report was fascinating, you touched on many aspects of our relationship that we never explored before. We have a much better perspective now as to how we deal with disagreements and compromise. Thank you very much for your insights.
Wendy & Jerry
Hi there! Loved you website. I heard about you and your website when I heard you interviewed on K-WAV radio station in Monterey! It all sounds like such a hoot!! I got my report and I was just sitting here laughing my head off. My coworkers say it’s right on!!! I will pass your website along to friends. I have certainly enjoyed the experience!! Thank you for all your gems.
Leigh Ceeka
Thanks a lot for my reports and telling me about our personalities. Now I feel really good about the relationship and I don’t have to have doubts about things going majorly wrong. I think you have a great gift and I am glad you are using it to help people. Hope you have had a good weekend!
Lindsay Kelly
Thank you very much for your quick response. I got your report. I loved it. It’s great! I am looking forward to reading future reports. Keep up the great work. Thanks again.
Jamie Overmiller
I bought some of your reports. Thanks so much, everyone I have looked up is right on target.
Lori Ragland
My husband got me some of your reports for Christmas . When we read the reports we had quite a laugh. I can’t wait to take my reports to next week's management meeting. In my opinion it’s about 90% accurate (you were too kind about my ex-husband although the description fits all the other guys I know with his name). I can’t wait to see how bad my name sake is. Thanks much!
Tina S.
Hi Kerrie, I got my custom reports after listening to you on KLSY. I was absolutely dying. I could not believe that every name I asked about were dead on. My husband Tim, you pegged him to a T. I have hired a Deanna and she is everything you said she’d be. My former boss who has risen up so high in his new company is Al. I am Kim I completely enjoyed reading my reports. Have a terrific day.
Kim Sedlacek
Thank you SO much, Kerrie for my report. I really appreciate what you wrote,,,, and yes I’ve been told I have a great laugh, you’re response make me smile and chuckle immediately..thank you,,,,,,
Sandi Gillespie
Your reports are great and SO true! Thanks.
Melissa Phelps