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"Survivor: One World" will be a "Chernobyl of Estrogen" according to World Renowned Behaviorist Kerrie Hopkins - Creator of Namezook, Inc.

Well CBS has done it again. They revived their successful Reality TV Show Formula that combines studs, thugs & drama queens and exiles them to a secluded location to battle it out using brains, brawn and “Barely There” bathing suits in pursuit of a $1,000,000 prize.

Based on their names, and the onomalogic research of Kerrie Hopkins, which of these 18 Cast Members of Survivor will be the most competitive, most annoying, most high maintenance, friendliest & most fun?

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Namezook Research Shows Direct Link Between Name and Love

Kerrie Hopkins, internationally acclaimed Onomalogist, is saving "lonely singles" money, time and heartache by introducing research subjects to better suited partners. Research shows the average woman dates 24 men and will spend more than $3,000 to find "Mr. Right." Hopkins intends to change that statistic and anticipates the results of her latest study will parallel the positive results from her previous studies where couples were successfully matched, married and are now parents.

Hopkins uses her unique discipline of Anthroponomastics to examine and predict behaviors of individuals based on perceived expectations of their name characteristics and matches compatible couples.

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Namezook Predicts Romeo To Win Dancing With The Stars Season 12

Kerrie Hopkins of Namezook is again using her unique discipline of Onomalogy, the study of names and their characteristics, to analyze the outcome of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars." Hopkins' comprehensive name dissection is based on unique spelling, segmental phonemes, syllable structure, word fragments, and distinct characteristics or "name markers."

Because of her meticulous and accurate detailing, Hopkins' work has been used extensively by outlets ABC, the BBC, TLC, E! Entertainment, and FOX, as it gives talk show hosts and fans the tools to speculate on team interactions and probable outcomes.

Hopkins, who recently analyzed "Dancing With The Stars" for Good Morning America, wowed ABC correspondent Andrea Canning with her accuracy.

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NOMENOLOGY, or Nameology as it is less formally known, is the discipline of deducing the character and behavior of a person from his or her name. Kerrie Hopkins has been using her knowledge and expertise in Nomenology to provide help and advice to people all over the world in their social and professional lives. This review is very different than my usual. Typically, my reviews are for basic tangible items and not services. When I heard about Kerrie’s work and read some of her celebrity samples, I thought it looked like fun.

And ...

it's fun - very fun.

Kerrie can do a wide variety of custom reports based on just a first name or a full name. They can be for a single person or for a couple. It can help you make a decision on a baby name. You can see what will happen if you change your name due to marriage, divorce or simply by using a nickname. Or it can just be for fun.

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Would You Make More Money With a Different Name?

Anthroponomasti is the study of names, and part of the reason why it’s common for actors and writers to use a “stage” or “pen” name. But first impressions are valuable for all of us, and your name is really the first impression you give, whether you know it or not. Think about it. It’s the first thing an employer sees on your resume, the first glimpse of you that a client or business prospect gets, and generally, it’s the first thing we tell someone about ourselves upon meeting.

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Research Shows a Direct Link Between Name and Income

Kerrie Hopkins, America's foremost Onomatologist, is launching her new data rich profiling website through on Monday, January 31, 2011. This new generation of the popular site will better serve the demands of her corporate clients and many entertainment industry patrons.

Hollywood has known for years that changing your name can equate to a change in status, happiness and influence. That's why Betty Joan Perske changed her name to the more glamorous Lauren Bacall, and Stephani Germanotta to the cooler Lady Gaga. We shouldn't have to explain why Burcle Icle Ivanhoe changed his name to Burl Ives.

Anthroponomastics, the study of names, has been taken one step further with Kerrie's unique approach, dubbed "Onomatology." Many outlets use Kerrie's research to comprehend world events and pop culture. Kerrie's extensive experience as a consultant to ABC, the BBC, TLC, E! Entertainment, and FOX includes assignments as diverse as profiling the Presidential Candidates during election year to team compatibility for Dancing With the Stars on Good Morning America.

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'Survivor Nicaragua' predictions given by a Personality Profiler Kerri Hopkins: Fascinating! (Video)

CBS Survivor Nicaragua premieres tonight and the cast will find their way to win on the quest for $1 Million. What if there was a way to predict who will win (or lose) just based on their names. According to Personality Profiler Kerri Hopkins, it's possible.

Based on their names, and the research of Personality Profiler Kerri Hopkins; Creator of - which of these 20 Cast Members of Survivor Nicaragua will be the Most Competitive, Most Annoying, Most High Maintenance, Best Looking, Friendliest & Funniest to watch?