Kerri Hopkins
ONOMALOGY, or nomenology or nameology, as it is less formally known, is the discipline of deducing the character and behavior of a person from his or her name.

Kerrie Hopkins has been using her knowledge and expertise in onomalogy to provide help and advice to people all over the world in their social and professional lives. Kerrie has received numerous correspondence from hundreds of thousands of people who wanted to procure her services but didn’t know how to go about receiving such information.

Finally, in response to their demands, Kerrie has set up this website, whereby people are given easy access to her onomalogical services. Through this site, Internet users can purchase downloadable reports files, framed reports, and books, and obtain private consulation sessions with Kerrie, to obtain authentic onomalogical analyses of their own names, or of other people they are interested in.