Kerrie Hopkins


Onomalogist / Consultant


13152, NY

United States

Contact: +1 800 743 4677

Ms. Kerrie Hopkins is an expert who has had years of academic study, elaborate research, and practice on the correlation between a person's name, and his or her behavior and personality traits.

Kerrie developed an interest in onomalogy, the science of deducing personality and character from a person's name, even as early as her pre-school days. She could analyze and predict the behavior of her schoolmates from their names, and was often surprised at how accurate her analyses were. Throughout the years, she'd augment her skills in onomalogy by examining works conducted in related areas, contacting academic luminaries at various acclaimed universities and organizations worldwide, talking to people who shared her field of interest, and constant practice.

Kerrie then decided to give a more formal treatment to the subject. She spent years studying personality traits in Brain Cognitive studies, an adjunct to psychological studies. She has collaborated on and elaborated upon significant personality profiling studies which concerned Labor Market Discrimination, Zip Code Marketing, Customer Centricity, Neuromarketing, Behavioral Economics and the Science of Marital Unhappiness, to name a few. Kerrie continues on a daily basis to perfect her skills through continued research, continual interaction with people, and constant refinement of her proprietary name markers.

Kerrie's skills have been utilized way beyond her academic circles, and her services are being sought widely from people from different spheres of life. Kerrie has been interviewed on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox & Friends, just to mention a few, and has had over 2000 interviews on national, regional, and local Television and Radio Shows, covering every state in the United States, every province in Canada, and five continents around the globe. She has also been a political analyst for Fox Network. Kerrie has been profiled in several major newspapers, such as The L. A. Times, The Toronto Sun, New York Daily News, and others.

Kerrie has been consulted by 9 of the 50 wealthiest Americans in Forbes Magazine's 400 Wealthiest Americans issue, and by many of Fortune 100 companies involved in Banking, Investment, Manufacture, Distribution, and Sales. As a few examples, Kerrie's advice has been sought be a retail store group focusing on expectant/new mothers, a hotel chain in need of superior customer service, a food service group looking to improve their sales, and the FBI. Her consultation with people and corporations in all seven continents have helped them with different kinds of problems regarding personal and business matters. The customers who have procured Kerrie’s help in personal affairs include diverse kinds of people such as expectant parents looking for suitable baby names; parents and guardians trying to manage rebellious children and teenagers; singles looking for dating and relationship recommendations; couples having marital problems; students wishing to know more about friends, roommates, or professors; and several others.

Corporations and executives have asked for Kerrie’s assistance in recruiting new employees, getting the best out of existing workforce, negotiating business deals, maintaining good customer relationship, dealing with cold clients, troublesome customers, and various other matters. Kerrie has provided advice to various professionals such as lawyers looking to understand and impress a jury, find out the strengths and weaknesses of a judge or a witness or an opposing attorney; doctors and therapists looking for the best way to treat patients with problematic, especially psychological and psychosomatic, conditions; and entrepreneurs looking to close deals with investors, just to name a few.

Kerrie has published three books based on her skills in analyzing the name-trait correlation and her years of experience, titled 'You’re SUCH a Dave,' 'How to Never Meet A Stranger,' and her most accomplished book, 'Breaking The Name Code: Define your name, Design your life.'

Years of success and experience have been enhancing Kerrie’s proficiency in onomalogy, as she continues in her profession of providing sound and relevant advice to her customers in dealing with people at personal and professional levels. Currently, Kerrie is devoting her efforts to working on and promoting her site,, and onomalogy in general. She is a contributing Celebrity Correspondent for E! Entertainment Network, a Reality TV Consultant for TLC Network as a Reality TV Consultant, a Celebrity Expert for (National Edition), and a Relations Expert for (NYC Edition).